Kate Reid is an aerodynamic engineer who chose a career in Formula 1. Because her other skills were begging to be utilized, she left the racing world to open a boutique bakery in Melbourne. As she demands perfection from her team and their equipment, she chose the Porsche Taycan as a new daily driver. Having pastry skills along with a passion for fast cars, she is the perfect brand ambassador to explain the 2021 Porsche Taycan charging techniques.

Porsche Taycan Price, Specs, Photos & Review

Electrify America is building a nationwide network of fast chargers that are capable of normal AC or high-voltage DC operations. They are owned by Volkswagen and aimed at owners of the ID Series, e-tron, and Porsche EVs. Using their 800-Volt chargers, your car will ride the lightning as it is force-fed 350 Kilowatts. This will take you from 5% to 80% in less than 23 minutes. Of course the car can recognize and use lower voltages, and your home charger will have you topped off in 10 hours. With 200 miles of range, it will easily cover the distance between charge points, with all the luxury and performance that only Porsche can offer. Click the button to learn more from our dealers and stay with us for all your Porsche news.