Bentley Motorsport can be defined as a perfect balance between style and performance, which directly relates to their newest lifestyle collection. The team at Bentley has brought the bags and accessories home from the track, allowing individuals to get the same gear as the drivers. The newest Bentley Motorsport Collection features the classic Racing and Living Green, just as they are used on the GT-3 race cars. Also found on pieces in the new release other than the Bentley badge and logo, is the #BringTheThunder hashtag. An assortment of diverse sized bags of been designed using premium materials that cater to any occasion. Whether it be a trip to the gym, a quick track day, or a race weekend, Bentley Motorsport’s will help you pack. During any race, it’s a necessity to keep hydrated which is why Bentley has released vacuum insulated water bottle. For the kids who grow up in the world of motorsports, Ear Defenders have been added to the collection in a vibrant Living Green with Bentley logos. An umbrella has been designed for the not so perfect days in livery colors sporting the GT-3 vehicle silhouette. The small accessories of the Bentley Motorsport collection are created to dress up the car keys, even if they do not belong to a Continental GT. This collection is the best way to stay in style while supporting the Bentley Motorsport Team. The new release is available on Bentley Motors website, click below for more information.