Earlier this year, GM's CEO Mary Barra confirmed Cadillac will be all electric in the near future. Spurred on by Porsche buying 20% of Rimac and Tesla's incredible battery advancements, Mercedes-Benz has confirmed six new electric models. Starting at the bottom, their press release says the EQA will be the EV brother of the GLA compact SUV. It will arrive later this year, followed by the larger EQB early next year.

The electric E-Class will be the EQE, and it will spawn an SUV variant next year. None of these would be possible without the new modular architecture of the EQS. More than just an electric S-Class, it is poised to be the flagship of the brand. Their target is a range of 435 miles with everything you would expect from their largest sedan. This new chassis & propulsion system is scalable to all models, and it will eventually be manufactured in factories from Alabama to Austria.

As part of its "Ambition 2039" initiative, Mercedes-Benz is working on offering a CO2-neutral new car fleet less than 20 years from now. The company wants electrically powered cars  including all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles  to account for more than half of its sales already by 2030. This plan is ambitious to say the least, but with the full backing of Daimler, they will give EV buyers unparalleled German luxury and performance. Click the button to learn more from our dealers and stay with us for all your Mercedes-Benz news.