Yesterday we shared a Ferrari prototype that has been testing V6 power with the latest in hybrid assistance. Over the next model year we will see V6 hybrids replace the V8 thanks to major leaps in battery technology. That is why the 2021 high performance hybrid supercar has entered final testing. In a press release this morning, they offered a few details of the new model.

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First, it wont be a successor to the P1. Their new V6 engine is optimized to be a generator for the hybrid system, giving it the EV range of a current-generation electric car. The new carbon fiber structure replaces the monocell and monocage with the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture. It is optimized for future developents in propulsion along with being stronger than its predecessors.

Speaking of them, this new high-performance hybrid (HPH) will replace the Sports Series (570S, 570GT, etc). It will be placed between the McLaren GT and the 720S in their lineup. The Sports Series has been their bread & butter over the years, so it will be given a proper farewell with a limited run. Based on the 570S GT4, the 620R will be the end of the line.

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The HPH has been envisioned, developed, and it will be produced at the McLaren Composites Technology Centre in Sheffield. CEO Mike Flewitt says: This all-new McLaren supercar is the distillation of everything we have done to date; all that we have learned and achieved, This is a new kind of McLaren for a new era, an extraordinary drivers’ car that offers blistering performance as well as an all-electric range capable of covering most urban journeys. We see this new McLaren as a true ‘next generation’ supercar and cannot wait to show it to customers.”

Twin-turbo V6 engines with massive electrical capacity are about to eclipse the "Holy Trinity" of 5 years ago. Considering the Koenigsegg 2-liter making 600 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque, get ready for another hypercar battle royale. In the meantime we have several Sennas and P1 to choose from, so click the button to find yours.