PUMA Motorsports and Scuderia Ferrari have a special announcement for motorsport enthusiasts with a drive to be like Formula One teammates Charles LeClerc and Sebastian Vettel. The first-ever release of the Ferrari Speedcat Pro racing shoe will be available for purchase, the same that are worn by both Ferrari drivers. Other models released by the two motorsport powerhouses have involved bridging a line between performance and comfort for day to day life. The Speedcat Pro is a track-focused design meant to do one job, and that is to provide support in a competitive racing environment. The idea behind the shoes is to eliminate weight while still offering support. The upper uses a lightweight fabric for comfort and protection from fire. The heel is the area where the structure is needed the most, which is why carbon fiber has been added as an element to strengthen the Ferrari Speedcat Pro. The most important part of the silhouette is the outsole, where grip can make or break the perfect lap time. PUMA has equipped the race shoe with a low-profile rubber and a comfort wedge to balance the structure. The PUMA Ferrari Speedcat Pro is available in two limited production pro models. Charles LeClerc will release 97 available examples to signify his birth year. Sebastian Vettel will release 53 to indicate the number of total F1 Grand Prix wins so far. The release date for the anticipated track shoe is set for September 10th at 6 pm EST on PUMA’s EU website, the Ferrari Store website, and Ferrari Stores.