Zeiss' incredible new ZX1 digital camera is coming soon, so get your wallets ready. This new camera packs a ton of incredible features that make it a perfect accessory for any outing, especially car shows. First, it features a 37-megapixel full-frame sensor, Zeiss 35mm f/2 lens, electric viewfinder, built-in wifi and Bluetooth, and an incredible 4.34-inch touchscreen LCD display. It's here on the display where the true magic of the ZX1 takes place. Running on a version of Android, the ZX1's touchscreen runs Adobe Lightroom, meaning you can edit your photos right there on the camera's display. What's more, these edited images can be shared from the camera itself, thanks to the previously mentioned wifi and Bluetooth capabilities. It can also store those images on the 512GB of onboard storage. An exact release date has yet to be revealed, but you can signup to be notified when it's available on BHPhotoVideo.com. What we do know is that it will carry a $6,000 price tag.