Since it was introduced in 1955, Chevrolet has produced over 100 Million small block V8 engines. This doesn't include Mercury Marine or Volvo Penta who base their inboards around the indestructible engine. What's more, the LS Series that debuted in 1997 has been the foundation for all their late-model motivation. So, if you have considered rebuilding your old friend, EV West now offers Tesla power for any Chevy V8.

Working with Revolt Motors, their high-voltage kit bolts to any Chevrolet small block motor mounts, from 1955 to today. While also replacing the transmission with a single gear reduction, all you have to do is figure out what differential gears you want. I am guilty of swapping my 3.23 rear gears to 3.73 for harder launches in my Camaro. But this would make me want to find a set of 2.73 so I can enjoy long-range cruising and battery life. Imagine an El Camino loaded with a bed of batteries and a 1,000-mile range? My personal choice would be a 39 Suburban for a silent, gangster cruiser. Click the button below to find your Chevy and stay with us for all your EV news.