As an Olympic track star, time is the most important aspect of the sport. A split second can be the deciding factor on whether a gold, silver, or bronze medal is received. Great Britain Olympian Sir Mo Farrah has always had time on his side, being the most winning Olympic athlete in the country’s history. His accomplishments have been recognized by Queen Elizabeth in the form of a knighting ceremony, and most recently a brand ambassador partnership watch company Arnold & Sons. Tourbillons are the theme and inspiration behind the two models from Arnold & Sons, the Double Tourbillon Escapement, and the Constant-Force Tourbillon. Shop the Arnold & Son Collection by clicking the link below.

Double Tourbillon Escapement

The Double Tourbillon Escapement is presented with a 43.5mm 18-carat red gold case covered by a domed sapphire. The transparent dial allows for an insight at the mechanics behind the Arnold & Son A&S8513 hand-wound movement. A water-resistance of 100-feet and a power reserve of 90-hours makes the Double Tourbillon Escapement a daily wearable watch. The strap is crafted from hand-stitched alligator leather and paired with an 18-carat red gold pin buckle to match the case.

Constant Force Tourbillon

The Constant Force Tourbillon takes on a more traditional approach using a classic silver and white dial placed inside the 46mm 18-carat red gold case. The functions of hours, minutes, and true beat seconds added using two well-sized subdials. Small hints of 18-carat red gold are embedded in the form of parts that drive the hand-wound movement. The Constant Force Tourbillon is fitted with the same hand-crafted alligator leather strap as the Double Tourbillon Escapement.