The Audi RS2 will always be known as a timeless staple in the automotive industry. The 90’s design complements the modern high-performance capability that continues to signify the vehicle as a collector car. The RS2 only had one flaw when first released in 1994, there was not an option for a coupe version. Only offered as a wagon, with the only available option of a coupe as an S2 model. The team over at Prior Designs located in Denmark has a solution for the single flaw of the Audi RS2. They have re-designed the Audi S2 to feature a body kit that resembles the RS design.

The meticulous details have been thought out to best display the vehicle as it would have rolled off of Audi’s manufacturing facility. Prior Designs has announced that 40 RS2 Coupe builds will be completed using the widebody rally-inspired kit. To say that all pre-orders will be sold is an understatement, with Audi enthusiasts of all kinds jumping at the opportunity. Owner of Hoonigan Industries, Brian Scotto, took to Instagram to announce his excitement that he has secured a build for his personal Lago Blue S2. Check back in for more news on Prior Designs and the progress of the RS2 Coupe builds.