As automobiles and racing heritage become more popular and viewed as a true art form, we are seeing more entries into new markets that complement their visual aspects. Modernica, a fine hand-crafted furniture manufacturer has announced that they will be using Japanese racing culture as the inspiration for their newest release. The team over at Good Smile Racing USA is responsible for providing inspiration in the form of a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-3 racecar. More specifically, the vehicle’s vibrant race livery that was displayed during its championship win at the 2017 Super GT 300. The AMG has been featured with the automotive team at Race Service, making appearances at their headquarters. The collaboration will be featured on Modernica’s Side Shell Eiffel Chair in two unique versions. A checkered flag-inspired example as well as an overlaid design using Good Smile Racing’s logo, racecar number decals, and gold crowns signifying championship-winning years. The remarkable images of the Good Smile Racing AMG GT-3 and Modernica's construction process of each chair were captured by Kerion Berndt to show the detail behind the project. The chairs will be available on September 7th on Good Smile Racing’s website for the price of $595. For more information on Modernica and Good Smile Racing USA click the links below.

Source: / Keiron Berndt