Safety and Performance is the main focus for Mercedes-Benz AMG, ensuring the most premium travel experience. That same thought has gone into the most recent partnership with Hartan Kinderwagenwerk. The luxury duo has released a modern designed stroller named the AMG GT to transition Mercedes driving experience for the newest addition to the family. The stroller is equipped with a comfortably stable seating unit with the ability to fold and recline. Leather-covered handles provide comfort, while a handbrake has been added to provide a safer option.

Mercedes-AMG GT For Sale

The wheels come directly from the original AMG design, the same satin black and chrome rim flange off an AMG GT63. Accessories are paired with the stroll such as an organizer, bed lining, umbrella guard, diaper bag, wind apron, and a protective headrest. The quality of materials used to make up the Hartan AMG GT stroller makes it both stylish and functional for the precious cargo. The stroller is available in two color options featuring red and green contour stitching. Shop the newest Mercedes-AMG x Hartan Kinderwagenwerks stroller collaboration by clicking the link below.