Last week we broke the news that McIntosh was returning to car audio. Every product they build is the result of extensive research and made from the best materials. Cost is not an object for them, and such is the case for their loyal customers. That is why McIntosh Audio for the Jeep Grand Wagoneer is aural perfection. The system is outlined in a press release this morning, and the details will leave you speechless.

McIntosh & Alps Alpine Join Forces to Build Luxury Audio for Exotic Cars

Starting with a clean slate, engineers from Jeep collaborated in the virtual realm to model the optimal speaker locations. In college, I competed in SQL competition, where a panel of judges analyze how clean and immersive your car audio is. Over the past decade, the use of VR has taken this sport to another level so I can't wait to hear this system. They won't divulge the juicy details like wattage or frequency response, mainly because audio nerds like myself will over-analyze the system.

Remember, this is a Jeep Concept. Not every detail will make it to the assembly line, so we'll leave you with a quote from McIntosh Laboratory President Charlie Randall "“Like McIntosh, the Grand Wagoneer is a true American icon. Working with the Grand Wagoneer team to bring these icons together on a concept vehicle has definitely rekindled our passion for a high-end audio experience in an automobile. As a company, when we tap into our passion for audio excellence, the outcomes are plain to see…and hear.” Stay with us for all your McIntosh and Jeep news.