Gordon Murray Automotive has just announced a new racing-focused version of their T.50 supercar called the T.50s. This new version will be lighter, faster and more powerful than the highly-anticipated T.50. It will be boasting some incredible numbers, which have been unveiled. From its Cosworth GMA V12 engine, the T.50s will be supplied with 720 horsepower. Mated to this engine is a new six-speed IGS (Instantaneous Gearchange System) pre-selector gearchange system by Xtrac.

"With no noise or emission legislation to contend with, we could unleash the full potential of the GMA V12 engine and its 12,100rpm, says Gordon Murray. "More than 50 components have been changed in the engine alone and the power can top 730PS (720hp) when factoring in the new ram-air induction system."

Gordon Murray Automotive is taking advantage of the power held by the T.50s by reducing its weight to just 1962 and introducing a wide-range of aerodynamic components to increase downforce. Altogether, the components can generate 3,307 lbs of downrace, which is 170 percent more than its entire weight. That will lead to some insane cornering.

Only 25 examples of the T.50s will be created and they come with a £3.1m (~$4,116,000 USD) price tag, excluding taxes.