When you ask someone to imagine the most prolific German Roadster of all time, you know what they will describe. Since it arrived in 1952, engineers have rarely allowed the public behind the scenes to see their upcoming work. Time are changing, and they want the world to see what goes into building a flagship for their brand. That is why 2021 Mercedes-Benz testing has previewed an amazing Roadster. Staying true to form, we can spot the retractable hardtop under the camo.

2018 Mercedes SL65 Specs, Price, Photos & Review

The 4-liter twin-turbo will undoubtedly be a key player, and their 48-volt EQ boost will offer great mileage. Even the current generation SL is a great car, as it constantly monitors for collision avoidance in all directions. A press car I was driving noticed a crash ahead of the car I was following, so it changed lanes to avoid the inevitable. Click the button below to find yours.