The idea of pairing British design with fine Italian hand-crafted materials seems to be the perfect combination. It’s the exact approach that Simon Jordan has followed creating Jordan Bespoke. The premier leather goods and accessories manufacturer. The company draws inspiration from automotive design, an industry that Simon has been involved with since an early age. Jordan Bespoke specializes in creating custom pieces such as briefcases, folios, helmet bags, and small leather goods tailored to each customer’s vision.

The product differentiation has allowed Simon to create relationships with some of the biggest names and manufacturers in the automotive industry, such as the late Niki Lauda and McLaren Automotive. They also collaborate with large non-automotive companies that are simply looking for the finest quality leather products with the ability to personalize each piece. Jordan Bespoke truly understands the ins and outs of designing and creating a product that both functions to the highest ability while standing out in the most subtle ways. Shop Jordan Bespoke and use our code "DPR15" to receive 15% off.