After five weekends of qualifying, races and one epic grand final, the winner of Lamborghini's first "The Real Race" eSports competition has been crowned. In the final, 12 racers were vying for the top spot at the podium but it was Nils Naujoks who came out on top. Now, Naujoks and the other two racers on the podium will get a chance to tour the Lamborghini headquarters and experience a training session with Lamborghini's own drivers. On top of that, Naujoks will also receive a scale model of his race-winning Huracan, livery and all. Congratulations are definitely in order. We can't wait to see the next eSports tournament that Lamborghini puts on. If you'd like a Lamborghini Huracan race car of your own, check out the ones we have to sale by clicking their respective buttons down below.