PUMA Motorsports continues to release the Speedcat Pro model, a track-focused shoe designed with the help of Formula One’s best drivers. We have seen models that feature team collaborations such as Scuderia Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, but the most recent release being Mercedes-AMG Petronas. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas pro models will be released in a limited production reflecting the footwear used in each race.

Source: PUMA Motorsport

The idea behind the construction of the PUMA Speedcat Pro is to eliminate weight while still providing strength and grip. Materials such as lightweight fabrics and carbon fiber are used and help protect against fire. A low-profile rubber outsole added to make the grip transition between pedals effortless and more efficient. The PUMA Speedcat Pro is the perfect way to separate a daily commute to a weekend at the track. Shop the Mercedes-AMG Petronas x PUMA Speedcat Pro by clicking the link below.