Earlier this month I told you that something special was en route from England. From the skilled technicians at McLaren Special Operations, a special car was built to celebrate winning LeMans in 1995. To celebrate the Silver Anniversary of that historic win, the McLaren Senna LM has crossed the pond and arrived at McLaren North Jersey.

Built to resemble the McLaren F1 LM, this Senna offers the same 814 horsepower found in the Senna GTR. To achieve this, the heads were ported by hand, a lost art in this world of mass-production. Unique aerodynamic bits offer more downforce to equal the immense power, and OZ Racing supplied their lightest forged wheels. No detail was overlooked, as the exhaust is plated in satin gold and the pedals are nitride-hardened titanium. McLaren North Jersey along with McLaren Orlando have committed to building five examples, so perhaps you need a new centerpiece for your collection. Click the button below to reserve yours and stay with us for all your McLaren news.