After 3 generations and 15 years, Bentley Celebrates 40,000 Flying Spurs. Described as a Luxury Sports Sedan, the first examples arrived in 2005 badged as a 4-door version of the Continental. While considerably smaller and lighter than their Mulsanne flagship, it was Bentley's first sedan built with help from the new owners at VW. A clean-sheet design, it was an immediate hit thanks to big power and refinement without sacrificing traditional coachbuilding.

Bentley Flying Spur Arrives With 3D Wood Paneling

Since the beginning, each example has required over 100 hours to build by a dedicated team of 250 coachbuilders. Sold in 68 nations, 50% of sales take place in the U.S. and China. Once an independent custom shop, H.J. Mulliner's success with the Flying Spur was a major reason to bring their operations in-house. Our dealers stand ready to take your order, so click the button below and you won't regret it.