In the world of motorsports, there are some stories that are just too good not to share. This is one of those. The 98th International Hill Climb at Pikes Peak is happening this weekend, bringing racers from all around the world to the treacherous Colorado mountain. David Donner is one of those racers, but he's not having to travel far. In fact, he's the last American to win the event outright and is a six-time Pikes Peak winner. The car he will be driving is a Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport that came to life after one phone call.

“I asked David Donner if he was racing this year,” Pete Stout, co-founder of '000 Magazine', says “and he said not unless you want to loan me the GT2 RS. And when all the laughter had died down I quietly asked him exactly what would that take.” Shortly thereafter, they got on the phone and put a plan together. Thankfully, Michelin, Chopard, Champion and Meguiars came onboard as sponsors and thus a race car program was born.

The Porsche that Donner will be racing was created by Justin Page, 000 Magazine's creative director, and it was inspired by Porsche's iconic colors: Rubystone, Mint Green, Mexico Blue and Signal Yellow. It was also created by Stout and 000 Magazine's other co-founder, Alex Palevsky, as an alternative to their 'Rare Shades' event that has been postponed.

“The car was effectively a message to our readers and our followers,” Stout explains, “that Rare Shades will live on. That was what we wanted to convey, and initially it was just an editorial project for a photo shoot.”

Now, after a series of fortunate events, we will see this car take on the Pikes Peak hillclimb this weekend.

Source: Porsche AG Newsroom