If you've been to a car show before and filmed the action with your phone, you know how difficult it can be. Your hands can get shaky or you bump into someone, which causes your prized footage to be ruined. It's the worst. That's why we suggest picking up the new DJI OM 4. This new accessory will make filming car shows, or anything for that matter, a breeze. The most exciting feature that the OM 4 packs is its magnetic docking capability. After attaching the ring holder or metal clamp to the back of your phone, you can stick it to the new OM 4 gimbal through the magic of magnets. This makes setting up for a shot or stopping for a call effortless. It also packs a slew of other features like the ability to easily switch between portrait and landscape, SpinShot mode, 3x3 Pano images, ActiveTrack 3.0, gesture control, dynamic zoom and more. It's truly impressive and for $149, it's a no brainer.