Since the first 1947 125S to the 2020 488 Pista, Ferrari has always stuck to the mentality that performance, styling, and technology is an ongoing evolution. Well, the same exact thought goes into the Scuderia Ferrari clothing line. The most recent release of the fall/winter 2020 collection is sure to pair well for both the owner with an 812 Superfast in the garage, as well as any fan of Ferrari working towards the dream of owning one. The newest styles take on a “less is more” approach, being that quality, functionality, and simplicity are the drivers. As seasons change, the Italian car manufacturer delivers the outerwear and accessory must-have’s in samples using the finest materials. The fall/winter release includes hats, jackets, shirts, polos, jeans, sneakers, and other accessories. Whether it is on or off the track, Ferrari has you covered from head to toe during the cooler months.


When choosing a jacket from the new collection, it’s similar to the process of choosing the interior to your own personal Ferrari. The choice of materials includes fine Italian crafted leather, eco-friendly recycled softshell, or lush genuine down nylon. Ferrari provides an array of color options to the non-leather materials that match production paint codes such as Rosso Corsa, Blu Scozia, and Grigio Medio. A limited-edition jacket has been added to the collection that truly stands out: a waterproof full zip that features the Italian flag, crafted entirely from the country that produces the notorious supercars. This was produced to pay homage to creativity of Italian design and quality, which is the center of how Ferrari operates as a manufacturer.

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The shirts featured in the fall/winter 2020 collection vary for multiple occasions just like the driving modes that can be found on a Ferrari steering wheel. They range from comfortable to sport driven, as well as a track ready option to really turn heads when it matters. The comfortable option includes a short-sleeved t-shirt with the option of a small Ferrari shield or a technical F1 vehicle print. The sport style includes both a short and long-sleeved polo style shirt with the added option of an Italian flag collar. Finally, the track ready limited-edition polo features Italian flag patterns on each of the shoulders. The color options for Ferrari’s new shirts are white, black, Rosso Corsa, and Blu Scozia.

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Ferrari has bridged the gap between track-use footwear and streetwear sneakers once again with help from the team over at Puma Motorsport. The focus is on functionality to both keep your foot on the gas through the perfect apex, as well as enjoy casual activities throughout the day without needing change of shoes. The newest released pairs come in two low cut minimalistic silhouettes, as well as mid-rise for more ankle support. The uppers are constructed from soft breathable nylon and genuine soft leather, while the soles are crafted from rubber for the grip needed for any situation. Each pair showcases an aggressive black, red, and white colorway with added hints of Scuderia Ferrari logos.

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As the temperatures begin to drop over the next few months, Ferrari has added some accessories to the lineup to help keep warm. Winter hats and scarfs are offered in a variety of classic Ferrari colors and styles, all sporting the prancing horse. Also included are some classic fitted caps, using lightweight materials like twill, eco-friendly recycled plastic, and premium suede. All of these products feature the Ferrari shield with various color options.

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