Subsequent to the immense successes of Peloton and MIRROR, comes Liteboxer, the next iteration of intense community workouts from the comfort of your own home. Like its predecessors, Liteboxer is an interactive at-home workout led by professional trainers with the option to connect with other at-home athletes. The equipment comes with an exercise plan, accompanying app for your smart phone or tablet and trainers to help you reach your fitness goals.

Lights and music stream through the Liteboxer with varying tempos and genres of music to choose from. With a light-up zone on each of the two pads, which represent the face and body, boxers will follow along with the music and punch out the lights - similar to the format of "Dance Dance Revolution." Classes and challenges can be streamed through the app, led by certified trainers.

Though less expensive than the Peloton and MIRROR, this high-tech piece of equipment is designed for the high-end athlete with a price tag of $1,495 for the device and a $29 per month subscription after the initial three-month trial period expires. However, if your home workout has been lacking, this may just be the incentive you need to stay motivated.