Chevrolet has built an amazing truck in the new 2021 Silverado. It can be had with plush interior options and a reliable 5.3-liter (325 ci) V8. Should you want the most power, they offer a de-tuned version of the Camaro's 6.2-liter LT1, but it is optimized for towing. Since 1990, if you want a GM product with incredible power, your dealer turned to Specialty Vehicle Engineering.

What began as SLP, the team of engineers in Toms River, NJ have delivered over 65,000 performance vehicles to GM dealers around the world. As a Tier-1 supplier, they often solve problems and supply solutions that automakers can't seem to tackle in-house. As such, this 2-way street allows them proprietary access to test and upgrade vehicles long before they are formally announced.

What you see here is just such a project. Starting nearly a year ago, the 2021 Yenko S/C Silverado was dissected in the virtual realm to see how much power it could reliably offer. While their Yenko S/C Camaro can easily make 1000 horsepower, a proper truck still needs to be able to haul toys, tools, kids, and groceries without worry, and without being uncivilized.

Therefore they scaled up their own centrifugal supercharger that is offered on the GMC Syclone along with an Air-to-Water intercooler. Under it lies a handbuilt 6.2 with forged internals and CNC-ported heads. This would be a death sentence to a stock transmission, so they upgrade the clutch packs and add their own torque converter.

The blower has a planetary reduction instead of helical gears, so it doesn't waste horsepower when boost is not needed. SVE also builds their own long-tube headers and a full stainless exhaust to give each example a deep rumble without rasp or drone. Their commitment to quality also includes their beefy sway bars, progressive springs, and a 2"/5" drop. Not only does it look imposing, but it will also attack corners with the utmost composure.

It can be had with 2WD or 4WD, sending power to SVE 22"x 10" wheels in 3 optional finishes. Brembo brakes measure 16.1" up front, and the calipers can be painted any color. You will have 800 horsepower and 720 lb-ft of torque backed by a 3 year/36,000 warranty. Available to order and to be serviced at any Chevrolet dealer, SVE is only building 50 examples. As always, you will see all SVE news here first, so stay with us for the world's fastest Chevrolets.