A few days ago Porsche announced a new record lap time: the 2021 Porsche Panamera Turbo S lapped the Nürburgring in 7:29.81. This caught the attention of the smartest engineers in Affalterbach. Two years ago, the 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S lapped the same historic track in 7:25:41. Both have twin-turbo V8 engines, and both sedans have four doors. That is why Mercedes-AMG just teased Porsche for the 'Ring record lap time. What it boils down to is semantics.

Mercedes-AMG describes their car as a "4-Door Supercar", while Porsche says the Panamera Turbo S is an "Executive Sedan". In their latest YouTube upload, Mercedes-AMG says its time to hit the track again, with lessons learned over the last two years. If you want the Porsche, their MSRP starts at $187,700 while the AMG is $161,200. Although if you want a car that lapped the track 10 seconds faster, our dealers have several new Camaro ZL1 1LE for $65,000. Tell us which one you prefer in the comments below and stay with us for all your exotic car news.