One if by land, two if by sea was Paul Revere's warning of a looming English invasion. He would have needed four lanterns for this impressive achievement. That is because a stock 2021 McLaren Senna has broken four consecutive U.S. track records. In a press release this morning, McLaren announced they have set new records at Virginia International Raceway, Laguna Seca, and back-to-back lightning laps at the National Corvette Museum's Grand Course.

With Andy Pilgrim behind the wheel, the car turned in the fastest ever lap for production cars at Corvette's home track. His lap time was 2:02.86 on the full course, and the timing loops clocked it at 1:23.34 on the West Circuit. Instrumentation measured 1.64g of grip in turn four, another unprecedented feat. At Virginia International, it covered 4.1 miles of the full course in 2:34.9, again taking honors for the fastest production car by reaching 172.9 mph on the front stretch.

The average speed of that lap was 134.5 mph, another impressive accolade. Finally, they headed to Monterey to beat the 1:28 lap record at Laguna Seca. The Senna's time was 1:27.62, smashing a time that had stood for years. As a coup de grace for their competitors, the car was entered into the World's Greatest Drag Race where it delivered the quarter-mile in 10.08 and the half-mile in 15.65, crossing the finish line at over 171 mph.