The Mother Road starts in Chicago and ends in L.A., and it was the path taken for millions to move west. Although it was officially replaced by interstate highways in 1985, the remaining sections are a perfect backdrop for a supercar film. That is why a new 2021 McLaren GT hit Route 66 thanks to our friends at O'gara Coach and McLaren San Diego.

If you haven't experienced McLaren's Grand Tourer, you are truly missing out. The GT was designed from the ground-up to provide comfort on long trips. With ample space for luggage and unmatched ergonomics, it is quite a departure from their previous supercars. Although rated at 612 horsepower, dyno numbers and quarter-mile time suggest much more. McLaren tests their engines in extreme ways that would never happen on the road. That is why the only maintenance you will need is a regular oil change.

In a quote from their Instagram page:

"Never let tradition hold you back. The new GT is living proof that craftsmanship evolves. It embraces innovation, new materials and technology. What remains is sheer quality."

O'Gara Coach

Blasting across this desolate highway with 465 lb-ft of torque must have been the ride of a lifetime. That's why you should visit O'Gara's CDC-compliant showrooms. With locations in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, and San Diego, their inventory is unmatched by any other dealer. Click the button below to learn more and stay with us for more intriguing O'Gara films.

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