Reeves Callaway invented the Twin Turbo Corvette B2K. Ely Callaway invented Big Bertha. Both are great tools for managing big power. Reeves was producing cars long before Ely was making golf clubs. In fact, Reeves and Company developed many of the machines and processes that enabled Callaway Golf to make their superb golf clubs. Son helping Dad. Very cool for both.

Starting out with turbo systems for BMWs, Volkswagens, and Porsches, Callaway Cars were next hired to make the TwinTurbo systems for Alfa Romeo. General Motors evaluated Callaway Cars’ work and a phone call lead to GM making the Callaway TwinTurbo Corvette into a Regular Production Option. Today, the relationship has grown to the point where the full line of General Motors trucks, SUVs, Corvettes, Camaros, and Cadillacs is upgraded with Callaway Cars equipment and the warranty stays intact.

As a demonstration of top speed.  Callaway engineered a special version of the twin-turbo Corvette, the Sledgehammer, that achieved 254.76 mph in a car with full interior and air conditioning. Using lessons learned at high speeds, the Callaway AeroBody was developed to address drag reduction and stability. Project Sledgehammer would hold a production car closed-course speed record until the Bugatti Veyron went 2 mph faster, 20 years later.

Before Mr. duPont hired me, I was a marketing manager at one of the world’s biggest Corvette parts companies. At one of our shows in 2006, I passed on an opportunity to trade my new 2007 Indy Pace Car Corvette for an AeroBody, and it was a huge mistake because they are selling between 80 to 90 grand to collectors.

Today Reeves Callaway is joined by his son Pete and they were both shocked when I sent them this listing. Father and son said it is a great bargain for a piece of history. Ordered and built for their cousin Mark Callaway, it has every option they offered for 1993. First off, the 5.7-liter engine was removed and replaced with a hand-built 383 stroker. Instead of 330 horsepower, you will have 402 bhp. Their proprietary coil-over suspension replaced the leaf springs and eliminating the spare tire allowed for a center-exit dual 3″ stainless exhaust. Combined with their Honker intake, the car has a crisp exhaust note that is unmistakable.

The Run-Flat tires were invented by Bridgestone and mounted to bespoke Callaway wheels.There were a pair of Run Flat Corvettes that were driven for the One Lap of America with no air in one tire for the entire race. It is pre-approved by the NCRS for Top Flight certification and this piece of history needs to be in a museum. Our friends at Chicago Motor Cars have it listed for only $55,800, and they offer in-house financing. So buy it before I do, and take it to Mecum or Barrett-Jackson for a nice profit!. Callaway is still building fast Chevrolet Cars & Trucks, and Golf accessories using the latest in composites. Click the button below to view their lineup.