Are you heading out to golf soon? You're probably going to ride on a golf cart, aren't you? How about you change it up at the golf course and ride on one of the new William Murray x Phat Scooters. These scooters are the result of a collaboration between the William Murray Golf and Phat Scooters. If you didn't know William Murray Golf was founded by Bill Murray and his five brothers.

For those who want to just cruise, there's the WMG x Phat Sport Scooter which features an electric power source, front suspension, comfortable seat and an LED headlight. When it comes to kicking the golf cart to the curb, you can replace that four-wheeler with the two-wheeled WMG x Phat Golf Scooter. This scooter features front and rear suspension, a 600 w Boss Audio Speaker setup, a drink holder, cooler and golf bag rack. It has everything you'd need for a day on the golf course and you don't have to share a seat with anyone! Check it out by clicking the button below.


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