Bentley has just announced that their limited run of the Pikes Peak Continental GT by Mulliner has begun at their factory in Crewe, England. This limited edition model will have just 15 examples produced in total, all of which feature a unique carbon fiber body kit, Radium by Mulliner paint and more. There's also Pikes Peak embroidery on the seat in Radium, Pikes Peak decal on the front fender, and a graphic that shows the track on the passenger-side fascia. For 35 percent of the cars ordered, a unique Mountain Decal Event Livery was chosen which displays the mountains of the track on the sides of the exterior. Why the love for Pikes Peak? It's because a Continental GT set a new record for the track in 2019 and this car is celebrating that momentous event. If you want to celebrate on your own by owning an example this car, you're out of luck because all 15 have already been allocated.