Swiss watchmaker Urwerk has just debuted a new EMC Time Hunter in a stylish Desert Sage variant. This military beige finish on the case matches the design of the watch amazingly, accentuating the strong properties of it even further. The case is made of steel, while the caseback is comprised of titanium. Covering them is the ceramic-type lacquer treatment that allows the watch to be that more sturdy and it also gives the watch a matte finish that's befitting of military equipment. At the heart of the watch is the UR-EMC2 caliber that's crafted, finished, assembled and adjusted by Urwerk. Interestingly enough, the movement of this watch is a hybrid one that is both electronic and mechanical. The electronic 'control unit' measure the amplitude and deviation of the mechanical 'engine', and keeps it as precise as possible. With this movement, Urwerk ensures that the watch is always telling the correct time. It also boasts an 80-house power reserve. Only five pieces of this watch will be created. For more information, click the button below.