For those who want the fastest and most powerful production pickup, there is already a waiting list. Those at the top have the option for a fully-loaded version announced in a press release last night. The 2021 Ram TRX Launch Edition was unveiled with all the bells & whistles. Only 702 trucks will be built, signifying the 702 horsepower it offers.

RAM TRX Price, Horsepower & Specs

The Anvil Gray paint is exclusive, and each truck will have a brushed aluminum badge on the center console denoting its production number. They will also have the Level 2 package that includes carbon-fiber trim, Heads Up Display, beadlock-capable wheels, and a 19-speaker system by Harmon-Kardon. Pricing for the TRX starts at 71,960, with the Launch Edition at $90,000. Production will start in a few weeks, but our dealers have great incentives on Hellcats to browse in the meantime. Click the button below for more MOPAR muscle and stay with us for all your Hemi news.