When Ford returned to LeMans, they did so with one goal in mind. With the Stars & Stripes flying over the historic win, other racers inquired about a track-ready version of the Ford GT. Therefore, Ford worked with Multimatic to remove all street-legal parts that hindered performance. What resulted is a 700-horsepower monster that is priced at $1.2 Million dollars.

Ford GT Specs, Price, Photos & Review

A roof scoop rams air into larger intercoolers, each one being sprayed with a water/meth mix at maximum boost. Since it has 400% more downforce, they decided to unleash it at Goodwood. With 2G of lateral grip, it is the perfect machine for track days. Only 45 cars are being built, and our dealers have all the information. Click the button below to find your Ford GT and stay with us for all your Ford news.