Here in the Sunshine State, driving a car without Air Conditioning is sadism. In the old days, manufacturers skimped out on climate control to offer more power. But thanks to an ingenious design, the Bugatti Chiron Air Conditioner keeps you cool at 248 miles per hour. In a press release this morning, engineer Julia Lemke explains the prominent details without giving up Bugatti's closely guarded trade secrets.

Her Doctoral Dissertation "Energy assessment of car air conditioning systems with secondary circuits” looked forward to a world where the compressor would have two circuits to offer optimal cooling without wasting horsepower. When the Chiron was still in the virtual realm, her team realized that Europeans prefer to be around 71 degrees, but Americans like it much colder. Therefore they chose to give the car two massive condensers that hold nearly 7 lbs of refrigerant. The compressor was tested to destruction several times under the most punishing conditions. That is how it easily transforms 28 psi on the low side to almost 440 psi on the high side.

Bugatti Chiron Price, Specs, Photos & Review

In a normal car, air is forced into the cockpit from the high pressure that builds at the base of the windshield. This would literally blow the windows out of most cars, so Bugatti switches to negative pressure at 155 mph. By pulling a slight vacuum through the vents, its keeps the car sealed tight and the cool air right where you want it. With enough capacity to cool a 900 square-foot apartment, your Bugatti will be comfortable traveling 4 miles a minute. This is just one aspect of how each Bugatti is offered without any compromises. Click the button below to find one for yourself and stay with us for all your Bugatti news.