Casio G-Shock and HondaJet have just unveiled a new watch that's the result of a collaboration between the two famous brands. The new watch is called the GWR-B1000HJ-1A, which was designed off of the base model Triple G Resist Gravity Master. Michimasa Fujino, President and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company, was on-hand to oversee the design of the watch. He did a fantastic job overseeing because this watch is terrific. The carbon fiber construction of the watch is clearly visible, giving it a sporty appearance while also reducing weight and increasing its overall strength. One feature that many will notice right away is the indicator at 12 o'clock that is shaped like a HondaJet. Other notable features include the flight specs of the HondaJet on the band and a crown finish that mirrors the fan blades of a HondaJet engine. As for the overall color scheme, its white and metallic hies were chosen to mirror the latest HondaJet Elite. To learn more about this brand-new G-Shock, be sure to click the button below.