Is your child an aspiring race car driver? Then you need to check out the new McLaren Senna 'Ride-On', the latest toy that's perfect for young motorsports fanatics. This new Senna Ride-On comes with working dihedral doors, a push-start button, McLaren Senna engine sounds, an infotainment system that can access files from a USB device or SD card, and working brakes with brake lights. It's available in five different colors: black, white, Mira orange, Vega blue and Memphis red. There's also a sixth special edition color that's exclusive to McLaren retailers. This one is yellow with green accents, similar to Ayrton Senna's racing helmet. If you're interested, the Senna Ride-On is for sale in the UK market with a price of £375, which equates to roughly $490 USD. Be sure to check with your local McLaren North America for more information. And if you're wondering, yes, it can fit an adult. Just check out the pics of Lando Norris ripping one of these around McLaren's headquarters.