M.A.D. Gallery has announced that they are currently offering the exquisite Nixie Machine III by Frank Buchwald for sale. This new piece is the final evolution of the Nixie Machine series by Buchwald. Utilizing Nixie tubes, this clock has a very unique way of telling time. This technology, however, is anything but new. In fact, Nixie tubes, also known as cold cathode displays, were first introduced back in the 1950s. They consist of a glass tube that's filled with a neon-based gas with a wire-mesh anode and alyer cathodes that are shaped like numerals. When power is applied to the specific cathode, the appropriate numeral gives off a orange glow discharge.

This is not only a clock, but a beautiful piece of art. M.A.D. Gallery is exclusively offering it for sale at their locations in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong and Taipei with a price of CHF 32,000, which equates to just over $35,000 USD. You can learn more by clicking the button below.