If you're still waiting on adding the new Lamborghini Sian to your garage, why not add one to your desk. For sale right now is the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 LEGO Technic set. This 1:8 scale set consists of 3,696 pieces that are meticulously combined to create a stunning model that would look great on any desk, shelf, or even in a garage next to the real thing. What's more this model comes with a brilliant replica of the V12 engine, as well as a moveable rear wing. I'm not suggesting you build a tiny wind tunnel and put this model in it, but that would be pretty cool. Other interesting additions include the fully-functioning eight-speed sequential gearbox, moveable paddle shifter, replica Lamborghini overnight bag and front/rear suspension. It can be purchased now from LEGO.com for $379.99. Click the button below to learn more.