Picture the scene, on an early Summers morning in a picturesque English village in the foothills of Castle Combe race circuit. All is still, all is quiet. Then, professional drivers Abbie Eaton and Ben Seyfried roll up. Abbie, the leading lady, with her place behind the wheel of UJO – the LS-engined 110 CSW and Ben, piloting the Founders personal Nissan GT-R. Two performance vehicles in such close proximity to a race circuit… and so the games began… (well, it would’ve been rude not to!)

Abbie Eaton – Professional Racing Driver

As a professional racing driver, herself two-time British Champion, W Series Esports League driver, precision driver and coach – having starred as the test driver for The Grand Tour; Abbie is the perfect lead for UJO to showcase exactly what an Arkonik Defender is capable of.

Take two: UJO vs 2.2L TDCi Drag Race

Take two and Centreline to Arkonik’s loyal 2013 110 TDCi lining up against UJO in a good old fashioned drag race. Timed from 0-60-0, the results might not be surprising but they highlight the performance gains achieved from their unsurpassed SVO Arkonik Defenders.

An Icon Remastered

Would you like the same power, same tech and automatic transmission in your Defender? Well, now you can with Arkonik Special Vehicle Operations (SVO). Located at both their UK Headquarters in Somerset and a dedicated facility in Charleston, South Carolina, on the East Coast of America. SVO exists to blend the unique quality and style of an Arkonik Defender with an array of upgrades, to enhance the comfort and performance of your vehicle.

Feeling inspired?

Why not use UJO as a template, then add your own personal touches to create your own automotive icon.

Meet Becky, SVO Managing Director | Charleston, SC

“I am honored to represent Arkonik in the North American market and to promote a true British success story. My primary role is to support and manage SVO upgrades and to enhance our world-leading design and delivery center. My team consists of consummate professionals with a great understanding of Arkonik’s re-build process and exceptional quality standards.

Our objective is to assist with client needs and requests, whilst providing customer service which is second to none. My team and I relish supporting our clients in the smooth handling of their Arkonik Defender upgrades and handovers.”

Build your own

Strike back at convention, create your own Arkonik Defender online today at www.arkonik.com or contact their Sales Team on 1-800-984-3355 or sales@arkonik.com

Presented by Arkonik

Authenticity is at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s an urban 110 station wagon, classic 90 soft-top or an epic 130, the same ground-up restoration and build ethic is applied.

For any car enthusiast or luxury automotive owner, Arkonik Defenders present a rare and exciting opportunity to invest in an iconic and classic British vehicle.