Bentley has just introduced a new fragrance that's been added to their Bentley For Men range. This unique fragrance was developed by Ane Ayo, a young perfumer who is truly up and coming in the perfume world. This new fragrance is called "Silverlake" and it was inspired by the air of the outdoors. You know, the scent you can smell when cruising in a Continental GTC with the top down.

While you can't smell this new fragrance through a screen, I can at least describe its notes. It starts with peppermint and lemon top notes that are crisp and refreshing. Then comes the middle notes of lavender, pink pepper and violet leaves that are reminiscent of a forest surrounding a lake. For the finish, the base notes consist of woody amber and white musks for a fantastic and deep trail.

Bentley's new Silverlake fragrance comes in a beautiful bottle that's been lacquered in silver in a way that it's half transparent and half opaque. Bentley says this was done to echo the surface of a mountain lake. You can purchase this fragrance for yourself now on Bentley's online shop by clicking the button below. It has a price of $90.67, but it's unfortunately only available in the Europe.