Refinement never stops at Lexus. Back by the world's largest automaker, their engineers in the U.S. and in Japan strive to deliver the best luxury cars on the market. The 5th generation LS arrived in the 2018 model year, but they have already found ways to improve it. Starting with ride quality, the active suspension's control solenoids react faster to changes in the road. Once that was done, the motor mounts were tuned to eliminate more vibrations at idle, and harmonics at higher rpm.

This was needed because the engines have been revised across the lineup. Increased regenrative braking in the ybrid allows more torque when the acceleration resumes. This greatly reduces brake wear and CO2 emisissions in city driving. For the normal LS 500, low RPM torque has been increased even with decreased engine noise.

Safety has been increased with a digital HD rear view mirror along with incredible high-beam headlights. the Bladescan system uses a high-rpm motor to spin a mirror in the shape of a blade. Timed precisely with a series of pulsing LEDs, it illuminates the road ahead in a brilliant fashion without annoying oncoming drivers. What they will notice is that the grilles and headlights are larger to evoke confidence and help cooling. Chrome accents front and rear are now Piano Black. A new sonic paint process allows for larger flakes in the metallic paint colors.

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To summarize how important these innovations are, Lexus International President Koji Sato says: "The LS, as a flagship, has constantly pursued innovation and has provided new technologies and value for its customers. In developing the new LS announced today, we furthered the evolution of the exceptional quietness and comfort that has been a steadfast constant since the model's first-generation, and, by employing the advanced driving assist technologies of Lexus Teammate, we aimed for a mobility experience that is much safer and more secured than before. This means reduced driver burden from the operation of the accelerator, brakes, and steering, allowing the driver to focus more on overall driving.

Also, as can be accomplished precisely because we are an automobile company well-versed in the relationship between car and driver, driving assist that achieves riding comfort as if an expert driver was behind the wheel and a human-machine interface (HMI) that enables the car and the driver to converse and to constantly and correctly grasp each other's condition create a sense of security. Furthermore, in the process of developing such, we drastically enhanced and evolved fundamental vehicle performance. Lexus, based on its human-centered approach, will continue to take up challenges, and we intend to keep on delivering experiences that bring abundance to the lifestyles of each and every one of our customers."

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