Something new is brewing in Sant'Agata. We are 2 days away from the latest Lamborghini, which will be live-streamed on Wednesday, 12 pm Eastern. All models of the Huracan are selling well, so it wouldn't make sense for a refresh. The Urus is still too new, but perhaps they have found more power. The real shocker would be a new Lamborghini Aventador for sale. It debuted in February of 2011, and we have enjoyed them for a decade. Because the car has a one-piece carbon-fiber cockpit, the have been limited to the single-clutch ISR transmission. Engineering a wider tunnel to accommodate a dual-clutch would change many other aspects, so it could be time for this Raging Bull to retire. Could it be a Sian FKP 37 Roadster? Stay with us to find out, and click the link below for great incentives on 2020 Aventadors.