One of the most frustrating aspects of tuning your home audio is programming the receiver to where you sit. As streaming services keep increasing their audio quality, your system needs to know exactly how far the speakers are from your ears. Until now, this required a tape measure, trigonometry, and hours of patience. Harman has made that frustration a thing of the past with their new Lexicon SL-1 Steerable Wireless loudspeakers.

Their receiver accepts every form of input and broadcasts a high-bandwidth signal to each speaker. Using your phone, their app allows you to target exactly where you want the sounds to converge. On the couch, in the kitchen, or even cleaning the garage, this powerful pair makes use of 33 speakers and 23 discrete channels at 650 watts (RMS). Twin LED rings illuminate the strength and direction of the sound, which has optimized modes for grille on vs grille off. The SL-1 can generate true 3D sound from aux input, Bluetooth, optical, and even RCA cables. With full Dolby Digital and DTS support, these are the last loudspeakers you will ever purchase. Click the button below and you won't be disappointed.