While we are still lamenting over the last Mulsanne, the choice to discontinue the big sedan has allowed engineers and designers to focus on their best seller. The Continental is offered with V8 or twelve-cylinder power, in coupe or convertible bodies. To offer their discerning clientele more than the competition, the 2021 examples will have a few more options to choose from.

Next-Generation Bentley Bentayga Revealed

Starting with the color palette, the styling department has added Viridian, Patina, and Snow Quartz. You can now choose from 62 exterior colors, or allow their Mulliner custom shop to paint your Continental any shade you desire. In keeping with the latest infotainment and conveniences, a new steering wheel has capacitive sensors under the leather to make sure you are holding it. While that might be a bit annoying, it is a critical part of the semi-autonomous driver assistance systems. Last, but not least, a glass panoramic roof is now optional. It is polarized to eliminate glare, and it has a powered Alcantara blind in the same 15 colors as the headliner. As always, our dealers have all the details, so click the button below and stay with us for all your Bentley news.