The Bentley Continental GT is undoubtedly the most popular model in the British automaker's lineup. If you're one of the many who have fallen in love with the Continental GT, then you ought to check out this new model. The new Bentley Continental GT Bespoke model comes in 1:8 scale and has a wild list of bespoke options just like the real thing. These options include paint, seats, stitching, veneer effect, wheels, alloys. What's more the colors and finishes are made to perfectly made the authentic options used in the real Continental GT. Each model is built under Bentley Design Studio's supervision from start to finish. They take around 300 hours in total to create and consist of over 1,000 individual pieces. If you'd like to order a 1:8 Continental GT Bespoke model for yourself, Bentley suggests using their car configurator first to visualize what you want. When you do decide, you can order one for yourself by clicking the button below. The price is set at $9,181.92 and they take around 20 weeks from order confirmation to be delivered- you can't rush perfection.