Last year, amidst the Corvette hysteria GM's CEO Mary Barra said that Cadillac will lead the way. The Lyriq crossover heralds the transformation of Cadillac to an electric-only automaker. Thanks to a press release last night, we have seen the future, and it looks exciting. It is the first model build on their new modular EV platform. Testing in the worst conditions has yielded a range over 300 miles, and it can be charged using any existing methods.

Cadillac Lyriq to be Unveiled August 6th

The driver can disable the front motors for RWD performance, and engage the latest version of Supercruise to let the car chauffeur you around. GM's new Ultium battery company supplies the Nickel Cobalt Manganese Aluminum battery packs. They use 70% less cobalt than any other manufacturer, and they are the fastest charging EV battery to-date. Other goodies include a 19-speaker surround sound system by AKG, and a 33" screen to display all systems. The HUD display is now 3D, displaying a hologram about 5 feet ahead of the front bumper. Horsepower and torque were omitted because Ultium is poised to change battery technology. Stay with us for all your Cadillac news and click the button below to learn more from our dealers.