When the Buschmann family decided to go boating, nothing was up to the quality standards of their Brabus cars & SUVs. That is why they have partnered with Jobe for a limited lineup of Brabus aquatic accessories. The collection consists of PFDs, body warmers, standup particleboard, and a 3-person inflatable raft. It comes with a canopy for lounging by the beach, 4 cupholders, a dozen handles, an inflator pump, and durable duffel for storage.

Pulled to the riverside by a Brabus 800 G63 Widestar, the award-winning Brabus Shadow 900 is the perfect boat for any occasion. Only 777 examples of each Jobe Shadow Collection will be made, so get yours before the boat ramp gets crowded. Stay safe on the water, don't flip people off the raft unless they truly deserve it, and obey all boating laws.