We’ve always been inspired by the things, people and places we admire, so for our latest limited-edition pieces, we decided to travel back to the 1960’s era car races.

From the sweet revving sound, to the exciting smell of petrol and burnt tires, to Le Man 24-hour race, where bold and fearless drivers race the unbelievably fast cars. This is where, everywhere is quite except you hear the extremely loud engines and your own heartbeat. Hands sweating, teeth grinding, eyes wide open and heads turning for 24 hours.

A great watch is not just about a good design and movement. Precision machining, great finishing and quality materials are also what make a watch high quality and beautiful.

High polished case, double domed sapphire crystal, decorated quality movement, 3D dial and the super comfortable Italian leather perforated racing style straps make the Distinct 3.0 watches "Distinct". The name says it all. 

The new collection will be available in 3 racing styles:

Ferro & Company Distinct 3.0 Watches are made with 42 mm polished Stainless Steel case and are equipped with double domed sapphire crystal, a pair of comfortable Italian leather perforated racing style straps and hearted with Swiss or Japan Automatic Movements that work like an 8-cylinder engine for a very long time. Even though the watches are inspired by vintage auto racing, they are also a whopping 100-meter waterproof!

Just as Le Mans cars are powered by mighty engines; Distinct 3.0 watches are also packed with robust movements that can last for generations.
The Swiss Made ETA 2824 and the Japan Miyota 9015 automatic movements are built to last.  The Swiss ETA movement has 25 jewels with 38-hour power reserve and the Japan automatic has 24 jewels with a power reserve of 42 hours. Both movements operate with self-winding in-house decorated oscillating weight system that keeps its heartbeat with your kinetic movements. You will never need any batteries with these movements.

Distinct 3.0 watches are so smart that they can tell you the time with just one hand!

The 12-hour dial is divided by 144 markers. Each marker represents 5 minutes.

The combination of the bold 15, 30 and 45-minute markers and the prominent needle pointer make it easy to read time.  By looking at the single hand watch you can tell the time within +/- 2 to 5-minute discrepancy.

Below are some examples:

Distinct 3 models are also available in 18K Solid Gold Bezel / Crown, limited to only 11 pcs! You can choose from the available serial numbers on the website.

If you want to look as good as 360 km/h but cannot go that fast, then grab yourself one of these watches.

Distinct 3.0 watches are currently in production and will be shipped in August of 2020. The pre-sale event has been extremely successful and over 800 watches have already been ordered in less than 7 weeks!

For further details or to pre-order yours, click here.

About Ferro & Company - Why pay thousands of dollars for a quality watch when you can have one at a fraction of the price? Henceforth, the brothers (Ary & Bob) co-founded Ferro & Company in 2014 in the beautiful city of Vancouver (British Columbia) decided to design and create high quality luxury watches at accessible prices direct to consumers.