Fighter Aces near the end of WWII were flirting with disaster. Going into a dive put them close to the speed of sound, and the controls would become useless. Seven decades later, private aviation is poised to exploit the efficiency of cruising near Mach1. Bombardier started with a clean sheet for the Global G5500. With a goal to beat their competitors in every aspect, it can cruise from L.A. to Moscow at Mach 0.9.

With a maximum capacity of 16, the range is 6,790 statute miles, far enough to cover Sao Paulo to Paris with fuel to spare. Rejecting the notion of using parts off-the-shelf, Rolls-Royce was comissioned to build a pair or revolutionary turbofans rated at 15,125 lbs of thrust each. The compact core runs hotter than most to make better use of fuel, and three low-pressure turbines help quiet the exhaust. Here is a look at the spacious floorplan:

A landing distance of 2,207 feet will allow you to reach the world's toughest fields, and you will be airborne again in only 5,490'. All the latest avionics are combined with infrared and synthetic aperture radar to produce a brilliant HUD in all weather situations. Highs-speed SATCOM, Controller Pilot Data Link, and four large 4K monitors keep all data in your line of sight. The tallest and widest airframe in its class offers comfort and much more sound insulation thanks to the larger cross-section. Click the link below for all the details and stay with us for all your aviation updates.