Since 1964, Beechcraft has delivered over 7,600 King Air models, and most are still flightworthy. While many would say its due for a clean-sheet redesign, don't fix it if it ain't broke. That's why they addressed every comment, from the avionics down to the stitches in the leather. If you want the latest in efficient turbo-prop engines, an interior made to order, and technology, here are a few of the highlights.

Pilots will be happy to find the latest autothrottles from ThrustSense. They manage engine power and fuel economy better than any other private plane. Climate control now has digital feedback. It has unique cabin pressurization programs for climb, cruise, and descent. Airliners are pressurized to 8,000 feet, which pops your ears and kills your sense of taste. That's why Beechcraft's cabin pressure is equivalent to 5,900 feet, or Denver as a frame of reference.

Engineers spent late nights using computer modeling and in the air chasing annoying vibrations, rattles, shimmies, and tuning out as much propeller noise as possible. With a range of 1,795 miles, your employees or your family can enjoy traveling without the madness that is the modern airport. Click the button to learn more and stay with us for all your luxury aviation news.